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Dr (Prof.) Yogesh Shukla
Hon Secretary SPOSI,
Rajasthan Nursing Home 26,
Dayal Nagar Gopal Pura Bypass
JAIPUR - 302 015
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  • You can be a member of the Strabismological Society of India if you are a qualified practitioner with Postgraduate qualification in Ophthalmology and if you have special interest in Strabismology.
  • The society reserves all rights to accept or reject the application. No reason shall be given for any application rejected by the society.
  • No application for membership will be accepted unless it is complete in all respects, proposed and seconded by existing members of the SSI and accompanied by the membership fee.

 Membership Fee    Rs. 2100/- (Rs. Twenty One Hundred Only)

‘Demand Draft’ for the Membership Fee must be issued in the name of “Strabismological Society of India” payable at New Delhi.
Outstation cheques are not accepted.

  • Every new member will be provisionally admitted initially and will become a full member only after ratification by the executive committee and only then he/she will be able to vote, propose or contest for any election of the SSI.
  • Application form for membership along with membership fee should be sent to the General Secretary at the address given below
Dr. Subhash Dadeya
General Secretary, SSI
Room 205, OPD Block
Guru Nanak Eye Center,
Delhi-110002, India.
Tel: 91-11-23234622, Ext: 292
Mobile: 9968604336, 9810575899
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